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Hair care is ALWAYS beautiful!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022


This is the start of something….. AMAZING.. to say the least!! A blog about natural hair care! I’m so taken back by the amount of misinformation goes through our communities about how or when or why to care for our natural hair. So I’m going to talk about it! This is going to become such a safe space for women and men to discuss how to care for and maintain our natural hair. And that INCLUDES wigs, braids, natural updos, locs and protective styling in every aspect!!

Love Your Crown!

Lets start with that! loving your hair is the first step towards a natural, beautiful, healthy, luxurious, long and shiny crown! When making the decision to go all natural with your hair comes with so many emotions! It comes with good emotions of empowerment and confidence while also evoking feelings of uncertainty. Although these are common we fail to embrace the most important feeling… LOVE… love for the strong and exotic strands of hair that grow directly from our scalp! We should love the idea of a new healthy way of living, because there is no denying that this will also change your lifestyle! So we will be diving into the many things to know while learning to love your natural hair. And YES! that means that we are going to be discussing products and styles as well!!

Trust the Process!

Did you know that you can achieve great styles with little effort or manipulation? I would be deceiving you to say that your goals can be achieved easily, because to achieve great things, some effort is required. The next step to maintaining and loving your natural hair is PATIENCE! Because we all know that dealing will curly, coily, kinky and sometimes unruly hair can be overwhelming. I’ve definitely had times when I wanted to say no more to this natural hair lifestyle. I would rather Perm/RELAX or CHOP my hair off than to go through the hassle of styling it. And we all know that those relaxers do more destroying than “relaxing”. However, I know that the benefits of keeping my hair chemical free are worth the effort! So if I have learned nothing else in my natural hair journey, I’ve definitely learned to BE PATIENT and TRUST THE PROCESS!

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